Our answers are based on Apple operating system version 6.1.3
If you have the older versions on your iPhone or iPad, the steps may be slightly different.

GPS and the iPad
The GPS will not work on all versions of the iPad. If your iPad has the Cellular function and you have a current data or phone contract; it will work. If not,the GPS blue light locator will work and the map outline will show, but you will be unable to download and see the Satellite background.
PHONE GOING INTO STANDBY – How do I stop the phone going into standby while I am using the App?
You need to increase the ‘Auto-Lock’ time on your iPhone/iPad. Go to ‘Settings’ then ‘General’. You may now need to scroll up to find ‘Auto-Lock’. Select and increase the time. 5 minutes is a good compromise. Setting it to ‘Never’ will use up more of your battery.
GPS and the iPhone
Check that ‘Location Services’ is switched on. To do this: 1. Go to ‘Settings’ on your iPhone, scroll down to ‘Privacy’. At the top find ‘Location Services’ and turn on. 2. Check that ‘Arran Walks’ is on the list and switched to ‘ON’
GPS – Location Services is on, but I still have no signal?
Check that ‘Airplane Mode’ is switched to ‘OFF’. 1. Go to ‘Settings’ , ‘Airplane Mode’ is at the top. 2. Check it’s switched to ‘OFF’
USING GPS – Does GPS always work on Arran?
It does work most of the time! Unfortunately, GPS and phone signals are beyond our control. Go back to the ‘Step List’ picture library if you’re having problems.